Pokémon Topaz - About Pokemon Topaz

We are a community dedicated to the fan made RPG, Pokémon Topaz, which has been in development since 2005. We have almost everything we need for a demo and are focusing all of our resources on getting one released by the end of summer!

We will feature 200 Pokémon to start with and you can view our custom Pokémon sprites, which were sprited from scratch by our artists. None of our Pokémon are splices or recolors! We strive to present ourselves as a high quality RPG for all Pokémon fans to enjoy. All of the original 386 Pokémon will be in the game. We will be using the Physical/Special split introduced in D/P but everything else will be using third generation mechanics.

The Community

We have one of the friendliest and most welcoming Pokémon communities on the Internet. Our forums have a wide array of Topaz Development related forums as well as General Discussion forums. Come and check us out!

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