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  1. site/forums changelog (updated 06/30/11 2:51am)
  2. The forum snafu situation
  3. The situation with Orange Islands
  4. A few MODs installed
  5. Additional MODs installed
  6. credits page updated
  7. Pokemon Topaz has a new programmer
  8. Midnight skin is finished
  9. Triple Triad Pokemon Edition
  10. Twitter is now working (update)
  11. UnoBot is on our IRC channel now
  12. Morning or Midnight for site?
  13. Voting is underway for Shiny Pokemon
  14. IRC channel has been shut down
  15. Excellent new concept art
  16. RPG Mod Applications
  17. Mod App Results
  18. 13 New Pieces of Concept Art
  19. We need donations for a vBulletin license upgrade
  20. help us vote on some deadlocked polls!
  21. Welcome Back neon!
  22. Surprise!
  23. Twitter Feed is Back!
  24. A little clarification on what necroposting is.
  25. VBulletin maintenance
  26. be aware of vbulletin phishing attempts
  27. Our Next Steps: The Plan
  28. New Mod Application
  29. State of Topaz: July 4th, 2012
  30. Point of Interest: Spriting Contest
  31. Topaz Text RPG Open!
  32. TRPG Weekly Update - March 6th
  33. TRPG Weekly Update - March 20th