View Full Version : Icon links kinda messed up

12-29-11, 06:23 AM
A few of the icons at the top of the page (FAQ and onward) have incorrect links. The FAQ icon links to an IRC portal (http://www.pokemontopaz.net/forums/page.php?p=irc), while the Rules icon links to the FAQ. The Search icon links to the Rules page, and the Credits icon links to the Search page. Site, Forums and User CP work as intended though.

12-29-11, 03:42 PM
Either they've been fixed, or it's only you having this problem, because all the icons are working just fine for me.

12-29-11, 08:54 PM
it could be cause by using a specific theme. Vanilla is messed up, I think.

Lord Eragon
12-29-11, 09:42 PM
Yeah, it's the Vanilla theme.

12-31-11, 03:51 AM
Hm. Seems like False Dawn is messed up, but Morning is fine. Still, the icons should be fixed in the former, seeing as it's the forum default.

Black Temple Gaurdian
01-07-12, 08:51 AM
Yeah, it appears that vanilla's messed up :/
Not usre about the others.

04-09-12, 09:19 PM
Not sure how this happened, but it's fixed. Thanks for reporting.