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03-18-10, 09:20 PM
I've got an idea for this site though it's based off of a few other sites I've seen and that is a Blog board...
In one site I go to it's called The Corkboard and there people can post stuff they think to be interesting and stuff that's happened to them or to someone else...
They've got rules that said you cant put up things like personal problems that people shouldn't know about and a few other things but I was wondering if it might be possible for ya'll to put up a board where we could post some info that we've come across...
it would go best with the general discussion to keep it out of the way and not connected to the pokemon game or anything like that...

Anyway sorry for rambling on like that but I do hope this will be considered, If nothing else we could always vote on it if necessary...

03-18-10, 10:45 PM
Isn't going to happen. If you really want to do something like that, use the Groups (http://www.pokemontopaz.net/forums/group.php) feature.

03-19-10, 08:20 PM
gotcha well it was just a thought...

that and i figured it wouldn't hurt to post some ideas and suggestions here...

sammy p
03-20-10, 03:15 AM
well, i do like the idea of a thread.. something we dont know about you.
i would make it up, but im afraid no one would post in it hahahah
i mean, it doesnt have to be something deep and dark does it?? lol just... some random facts!

03-20-10, 02:41 PM
Yeah, Groups are perfect for that.

03-23-10, 10:04 PM
i think so too..
and y me??
just curious...

u r referring to me in that post right, sammy p?