Conversation Between ImmunityBow and Tyrannigon64

  1. ImmunityBow
    Sometime I might change the copyrights. I really don't have time to look for all the instances right now though.
  2. Tyrannigon64
    I just noticed, the website still says 2010 all over it. That should be changed to 2011 now.
  3. ImmunityBow
    Sure, I'll read it.
  4. Tyrannigon64
    Did you see the game I made, Silly Stories of Randomness? Will you read the whole thing when someone says "The End"?
  5. ImmunityBow
    I did play forum games at some point in time, but I haven't been doing so much lately. I prefer forum games like mafia and such, less of the one-word response ones and hurts and heals etc.
  6. Tyrannigon64
    Hey, ImmunityBow, just out of curiosity, why don't you ever play any of the forum games?
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