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  1. ImmunityBow
    We were working on all the moves, but steam kind of ran out, and then Zenith came through and gathered momentum for changing the movesets again, so it's likely that at the very least the starters need to be looked at again.

    Other than the moves, there wasn't much complete information: No Pokedex Entries, no heights, weights, colour groups, stuff like that. There was evolutionary methods and base stats if I recall correctly.
  2. zeroality
    I see the tonnage of Pokedex pages in the CMS backup I have here.

    How complete are they? Are there any dex pages posted with incomplete information?

    Details would be appreciated.
  3. zeroality
    Hey! Not really visiting, working - more specifically, trying to get the chatbox going. I had to take some time off from everything, so that's why I haven't done the things I said I'd do. I'll post when I get it working.
  4. ImmunityBow
    Hi, I see you! Nice to see you visiting!
  5. zeroality
    Have fun on your vacation! It'll be good for you to get away from this for a bit.
  6. zeroality
    Just a reminder that you need to vs SR and XTS for OU Finals by Saturday.

    I also still need to know what the VE in the map stuff is. Here is the map of the VE First Floor.
  7. zeroality
    What is VE in the map stuff you uploaded?
  8. ImmunityBow
    Wow sorry about that. That's a really strange mistake for me to make.
  9. zeroality
    I just realized that I never saw the visitor message from 5/03, and I didn't see this one from 5/18 because it is on your page. Anyway, I gave you the win. Just don't have the time for scheduled battles, plus I don't really want to get on Shoddy after seeing Pokemon Online.

    It's like going back from color TVs to black and white.
  10. zeroality
    Hey, let's try this dance again. When do you want to get our OU match done? As I said before, evenings are way better for me.
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