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  1. ImmunityBow
    Got PS's note, she's working on it.
  2. ImmunityBow
    Not yet.
  3. zeroality
    Did phoenixsong ever respond?
  4. zeroality
    Novoni said it was fine to edit her art.
  5. ImmunityBow
    The newer forum is in a better format IMO so I think we'll keep the old one for reference until we're done the new.

  6. zeroality
    Hey, I copied all the old completed pokemon topics onto a new forum and I didn't notice till I was done that you have Caldera/Kirant Pokedex forum but it doesn't look like you got very many Pokemon posted in there. So I guess you need to move/delete topics as neccessary and delete the new forum if you want to move everything to C/K Dex forum.
  7. ImmunityBow
    Oh man, thanks. I swear I had done one, but the 11/27/09 is the last one I did. I guess I really was that busy for five months >_<
  8. zeroality
    I fished all the old SoTs out of the database and reposted them. I also updated the Updates page with the new links and a couple that weren't even linked at all. Were there any SoTs between 11/27/09 - 02/09/10?
  9. zeroality
    Btw, about my last message - I wouldn't want to start it until the dex is done.
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