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  1. SilentSentinel
    Alrighty. I'll have to get back into it a bit.
  2. zeroality
    Hey. I play Wifi Ubers now. I also play Wifi OU.

    Let me know if you ever want a battle.
  3. SilentSentinel
    Why not? It's all one word, with the second s capitalized, like SilentSentinel. Thanks!

    Also, getting anywhere past 1300 is a bitch these days. I can't stop everything. I voted no ban, but I can deal with Chandelure being gone. I only ever used it like 5 times anyway.
  4. zeroality
    *leans down*
    *poke poke*
    Do you want me to change your name to Silent Sentinel, since that's what you seem to be going by everywhere these days?

    Also I saw you voted on Chandelure. 1300+ is a pretty good rating! The vote just ended, Chandy was banned to DW ubers.
  5. SilentSentinel
    Alright, I'll try to make a 4th gen Ubers team at some point.
  6. SilentSentinel
    I don't think he really even liked pokemon that much. He kinda just moves around to whatever he feels like doing.
  7. zeroality
    Nah. Don't know if I'm going to pick up 5th gen ever but not in the near future that's for sure.

    And "I guess"? He's your brother, you shouldn't have to guess.
  8. SilentSentinel
    It actually relates to an episode of Spongebob. And I guess he has, he's not been on for a long while.

    What, no 5th gen? You oughta at least try it. 5th gen Ubers is barely different.
  9. zeroality
    Did Medioc quit Topaz? And is your title a play off of mine or just a coincidence? >_>

    Edit: And I'm ready to battle anytime you want. I can do OU or Ubers in either 3rd or 4th gen (RSE/DP).
  10. SilentSentinel
    All right then, sounds like you're busy.
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