Conversation Between Sev and phantom bezerker

  1. phantom bezerker
    on pkmn onyx, I will start a thread in the pkmn topaz site. go to it, and i will probably have the details on the page.
  2. Sev
    is it going to include new pokemon?
  3. phantom bezerker
    okay, it has been decided that it will be a text RPG instead. and my lazy friend STILL hasn't gotten the website on the net. i'll PM you when it is up, but... we do need ideas for abilities, moves, and we need mods. Oh, and stats, and names for eliete 4, because when I first thought of some, they were too close to PKMN OI's elite 4. However, most heights, gym leaders, locations, and pkmn are complete. but we will present all pkmn when the site is up, and we will decide yay, or nay.
  4. Sev
    i can help with your game if you want me to? how far are you into it?
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