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  1. metagrosslord
    Don't worry, I'll think nothing less of you for it. I can see how you'd get confused, this site is so proffesional when compared to say, mine. Mine aren't even very good... Look at my sig. XD
  2. Sev
    I was an idiot. Please don't think less of me though. I'm really past stuff like that. People really do change
  3. metagrosslord
    Alright. Just clarifying. I didn't think you'd do something like that, since you seem so friendly, but you never know.
  4. Sev
    Yes, but I usually never get infractions on forums unless it's a slight break, something I was unaware of, or a joke taken the wrong way. But I hadn't joined the forums yet and thought this was made by nintendo, so I deleted most of my splices with topazmon. Really I'm past that, and that's not what people think of me.
  5. metagrosslord
    I know this is kinda strange, and IDK if it's coincidental, but I was idly browsing the forums and noticed something about a "thief" named MeFan. And your meteorite name is MeFan3... I'm not trying to accuse you or anything, but I was just wondering if it was you.
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