Conversation Between SilentSentinel and NyteFyre

  1. NyteFyre
    Ah, that sucks, hope things work out more!
  2. SilentSentinel
    I've been going through a tough time in my life, but its recently gotten a lot better.
  3. NyteFyre
    Hey SS, what happened anyway? Why the lack of activity? Just wondering. I'm sorry if you already stated before, i may have missed it.
  4. SilentSentinel
    Sure, I can battle anytime in the next hour.
  5. NyteFyre
    Hey RP, how's about that battle we're due on?
  6. NyteFyre
    Also, If it's the Topaz BATTLING League, why is it abbreviated TPL?
  7. NyteFyre
    Dude, clear out your Inbox, lol.
  8. NyteFyre
    all right, i'll do that.
  9. SilentSentinel
    If you'd like to, that's fine. I gotta go soon though.
  10. NyteFyre
    exactly what i was talking about.

    Maybe you or me should PM them when they get on again.
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