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  1. SilentSentinel
    We just started them up again after a long hiatus so this one has been going strong. I think the next few should be pretty solid!
  2. ImmunityBow
    Hey, yeah. Still like them but it's been so long I probably suck now haha. The biggest thing about OI mafia was that everyone just stopped posting after a while and games would just peeter out. Still the case?
  3. SilentSentinel
    Hey! I was wondering if you still played mafia games. We recently started them back up on OI and I remember that you always used to kick butt.
  4. ImmunityBow
    The answer they're looking for is probably Jirachi. It's part of the human verification manager ("What is Topaz's official mascot")
  5. SilentSentinel
    "Hi! It seems you're a moderator in the Pokémon Topaz forums. Just want to ask if the TRPG's still active? I'm interested in joining there.

    Also, it's hard for me to register there, I can't pass on the "Pokémon" requirement field.


    -Someone from OI

    How do they get past the "pokemon" field? I'm not sure what they are referring to.
  6. ImmunityBow
    You too!
  7. SilentSentinel
    My brother and I will be gone until January 1st. Have a good new year!
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