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  1. MewLoverEX
    That's awesome! Computer science seems like an interesting field to go into. I'm at Southern Illinois in Carbondale. I applaud your commitment with the marathons- I could never handle that.
  2. SilentSentinel
    That's great to hear! I'm attending university in San Diego, on my way to a computer science degree. Working at a great little IT place at the moment, and just recently ran my third marathon. All in all, certainly can't complain!
  3. MewLoverEX
    Hey, great to see you! It's going really well. I've self-published my third book and I'm currently looking for an agent to get something mainstream going (and hoping my fiction professor will help). I'm waiting to hear from my uni's literary magazine about whether they're going to print two of my stories and working on a couple of books. How've you been?
  4. SilentSentinel
    Wow, long time no see (Its ragingprimeape)! How has your writing been going?
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