Conversation Between SilentSentinel and Quinn

  1. Quinn
    Is this still alive?
  2. Quinn
    Yeah :P I gotcha. I got the jobs, the car I'm workin on...and the lady...>_< and school. lol
  3. SilentSentinel
    Yeah, I have a tough time finding extra time since I started college and work part time now.
  4. Quinn
    I could have sworn someone was gonna try to learn programming to help. But...looks like that aint happening either. Idk what to tell ya there... I got enough on my plate/transmission replacement :P
  5. SilentSentinel
    It is. Everything is getting stagnant due to lack of programming progress. It's impossible to get anything major done without a constant programmer.
  6. Quinn
    I've been round every once in a while. Seems slow as FUUUUU. I got my car now
  7. SilentSentinel
    Oh, hey there. How've you been?
  8. Quinn
    SUP HOMIE! lol
  9. Quinn
    I'm not "as" quick temered, but yes, I in fact have gotten worst. More BS has happened. A kinda stupid example? The move animations. I worked yesterday from 1 to 10 at night. How many did I get done? NONE! All the small things build up.
  10. SilentSentinel
    I've been prone to being quick tempered lately. It's not yours or anyone elses fault. You've come a long way since joining, am I right? Before, you were lost around here, and now you're an integral part of us.
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