Conversation Between Reliability and Chronicler

  1. Reliability
    It really has been a long time. I mean, I guess things are pretty good? I'm just finished the first year of my masters degree so that was fun. I've started opening Topaz to see if there's been anything every now and again, which has kinda been nice. I don't know, things are pretty good. What about you?
  2. Chronicler
    Just saw you were online, how's life? It's been too long!
  3. Reliability
    Decently. I'm super busy, which has been nice, but unfortunate for Topaz. Haven't had the time or motivation to do much for here and it makes me sad. But overall, things are well.
  4. Chronicler
    Yeah I understand that kind of situation, your avatar looks pretty awesome in any case. =P
    How's life been treating you?
  5. Reliability
    Lol, what recent sprite work? I haven't done any real spriting in forever... just haven't found the time or energy to do much.
  6. Chronicler
    Hey Reliability, long time no see! ^_^
    It's great to see you again, and I love your avatar sprite!
    You should definitely post some of your recent sprite work.
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