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  1. Tyrannigon64
    Nah, no reason really. I still look at everyone else's posts, though. Though, really, I should be doing homework instead of being on the forums. That might be part of the reason. Yeah, I'm gonna get off the forums and then get to work on my homework. After I watch the newest episode of My Little Pony, of course.
  2. Blade Flight
    Lurkers gonna lurk? I haven't really seen you post much; is something the matter?
  3. Tyrannigon64
    I think that might be part of the reason I like Rarity the least.
  4. Blade Flight
    1. Myself
    2. Rainbow Dash
    3. Pinkie Pie
    4. Flluttershy
    5. Applejack
    6. Twlight Sparkle

    Rarity not included, not because I dislike her or anything, but because I don't know enough about her to form an opinion.
  5. Tyrannigon64
    List the mane six in order from your favourite to your least favourite. Mine is:

    1. Fluttershy
    2. Pinkie Pie
    3. Rainbow Dash
    4. Applejack
    5. Twilight Sparkle
    6. Rarity
  6. Blade Flight
  7. Tyrannigon64
  8. Blade Flight
    Oops, I meant that for mefan! My apologies!
  9. Tyrannigon64
    I didn't ask for any sprites!
  10. Blade Flight
    Please do not ask for sprites and such here. We do not allow for anyone to use them except for this game and this game alone.
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