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  1. Tyrannigon64
    So, have you seen all my gyms? I was just wondering if they were all possible to program. Are they?
  2. Tyrannigon64
    Thanks! I'll try to learn it when I get the chance (i.e. not right now). Also, it just so happens that math is my best subject.
  3. Konrad
    Here are a few tutorials that can help you get started with Ruby:

    Use the interactive shell! Most of my programming experience come from experimenting with the Python shell, so I heartily recommend trying different commands where you can easily see the results. This is a huge advantage over other languages such as C++ and Java, and you should use it.

    Also, you're going to want to challenge yourself to learn new concepts. If you don't like math, tough, because complex math is one of the best ways to learn programming concepts in general. You'll want to check out for some good problems to solve. They're challenging and its satisfying to get the right answer.
  4. Tyrannigon64
    I would like to help with the programming, because I feel like it's something I'd be good at. Problem is, I don't know how. Can you please direct me to some tutorials that you used to learn?
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