Conversation Between Silver and Quinn

  1. Silver
    nice avi
  2. Quinn
    Aint this silver? Just got a name change?
  3. Quinn
    I do bejeweled blitz sometimes, but thats it.
  4. Silver
    i guessed.............
    hey by any chance your not on any of those fb games like cityville or monster galaxy are you?
  5. Quinn
    Lol. Its this deviantartists. Not me :P
  6. Silver
    btw i love that lucazade thing with the feraligatr on you laugh you lose
    obey ur thirst,
    or else
  7. Quinn
    cause if I make a shiny backsprite list, even if its edited by mods and junk, you can only have so many images in a post.
  8. Silver
    no why?
  9. Quinn
    Yo silver, do you remember how many images can be in a post? I think like 24 but can't remember
  10. Quinn
    Ha. Alrighty. Lol. I come here at random, then go beserk with posts.
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