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  1. MK94
    would u like to enter the new sprite contest in the group?
  2. MK94
    oh cool i was just wondering be cause i hate those backrounds
  3. Reliability
    What do you mean?

    I get my bases from Pokemon Elite 2000 if that's what you're talking about...
  4. MK94
    i saw that you are a realy good splicer and i was wonderng where you get your sprites????????
  5. MK94
    did you see my new sprite on splicers union??
  6. MK94
    nice back sprites
  7. MK94
    look i thought you might like this
  8. MK94
    thanks for joining
  9. MK94
    you want to join my group???????its all about spriteing
  10. Reliability
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