Conversation Between Quinn and Tyrannigon64

  1. Tyrannigon64
    I'm sorry, you lost me after"Idk". Could you please rephrase?
  2. Quinn
    Idk. You say you want in...not saying im gonna lock you in. I'm just saying, once everythings up, you can get the real thing. The lion or dolphin is what I mean by a start. I've got the venap line pretty much done. finallizing. but if you wanted of course to do one of those others, it would be much help, since who knows where they dissapeared to.
  3. Tyrannigon64
    What do you mean by "start stuff"?
  4. Quinn
    So...wanna do some start stuff? I'm working on the Venap line, but I used to have all 3 starters all evo sprites done. But those jsut dissapeared. So, you wanna do either the lion or dolphins line? The dolphin's would be easier, and it would give me time to get the other 2. Then I have a good chunk of others.
  5. Quinn
    its all good
  6. Tyrannigon64
    Sorry, I don't know.
  7. Quinn
    Hey, do you remember how many images a post can have? I think it was like 24 or something, but can't remember.
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