Conversation Between Cyndadile and Quinn

  1. Cyndadile
    Sorry about that though. I hope you found someone to battle with. Unfortunately, I'm off by 7 (in your time zone).
  2. Quinn
    its alright.
  3. Cyndadile
    Sorry, I can't. Couldn't.
  4. Quinn
    Tonight? In around 20 minutes? *if your still online.

    I'm no competitive battler either. I pick what I want. I dont use gay moves like protect and recover.

    I gotta find my friend code, but I only will if you wanna. *and if Ican log on :P*
  5. Cyndadile
    What time? Unfortunately, I'm less busy 12-3. Nights/mornings aren't great, but I may be able to manage.

    A warning though; I'm not really a "competitive battler". I use the Pokemon that I get and like, and don't really use TMs (but sometimes HMs).

    Also, what days and what level ranges?
  6. Quinn
    I wanted to battle. I have wifi that my DS works on (I think), so I wanna make the best of it.
  7. Cyndadile
    This next week I'm not super busy. Why?
  8. Quinn
    how busy are you?
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