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    lol. This might get dust all over the place but oh well.

    Hey everyone. My name is Quinn.
    Life: My life Is pretty casual. Iím a pretty good woodworker and I am trying to learn video game graphic designs. My life is VERY hectic right now (which Iím surprised I even found this split of moment). Iíve got a wooworking business with a couple friends, schools gonna be starting up again, working on being able to legally drive (does Mario kart count?) and getting a job at a pizza and pasta place. Thatís why Iím actually a quit Topaz member. I still come on whenever I can, but I canít do much, so I just ďsent the papers inĒ. I miss all here, and wish I could stay, but life isnít really for that. Iím a pretty hardcore Nintendo gamer. If anyone disses on Nintendo, I rip them a new pair.
    Iím 16, going on 17. Birthday is in May. Iíve got 3 broís on my moms side, and I donít know how many broís and sisís on my dads. I live with the oldest bro, so I am 2nd in line. The other 2 though are gone. I wont be able to see one of em until he is 18.

    Religion? Donít get me off on that. Since I live in Utah, I was born a mormon, but I changed. Iím a VERY open to all type of thing. Sure, for all I know there could be Nirvana or God, or Hades or 70 virgins. When someone is trying to force one on me thoughÖI get pissed. Sure, its one thing to talk about, but if anyone will try to force itÖthatís a different story.

    I plan on joining the Airforce. If not a pilot, I would wanna be an engineer there. My Life job wanting though are (again) continue the woodworking business, and work for Nintendo themselves (which I found an actual possible way )

    I LOVE tattoos. They arenít my life, but they are SWEET! Although parents wont let me get one yet, Iíve already got a lineup. I want the Hylian crest either on my right shoulder or back, I wanna have a lugia ho-oh duo on my opposing shoulder. Under them, a Feraligatr, Typhlosion and Meganium. (since Silver will always be the best game EVER in my mind). A girl gave me a scar on my arm last year from her fingernails (clawed my arm, so it looks like something slashed me), so Iím gonna get a tattoo of a tiger slashing and you can only see him through the slashes. Another type of tattoo Iím wanting is the UV tattooís. If all goes well, I will get Johto starters eyes to glow, along with the hylian crestís triforce, and then since they are barely visible during normal light, I would get the Triforce of (power, wisdom, or courageÖidk sure, though thatís all 3). It would be just the triforce outline, but in Black light, the outline would glow, along with one of the triangles.

    Iím no Jock in school, but no nerd either. Iím just the kinda popular, so so person. Iíve got Furnature making, welding, draphting and computer programming as my want classes. Iím doing swimming this year, and possibly track. Iím a Jr now, and Iíve gotten 2 4.0ís last year, and 2 3.975 (pissed me offÖ) I have always decorated the back of my card since 8th grade with pack 5 gum wrappers. This year is my zelda year.

    Girlfriends? I think this image clears that up very nicely.


    Bullet for my Valentine

    Stone sour

    and Evanescence:

    I'll post links to the songs whenever.
    YEP THIS IS ME! *I'm not back.
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