Mechanics of Time Travel

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  1. Tyrannigon64
    1) I actually do not believe in a higher power, but I'm all ears to theories involving one.
    2) Our studies so far can not explain everything, but it will happen (if global warming doesn't kill us first).
  2. Cyndadile
    Ok. Let's start with the Time Axes. From your perspective, there should only be one, right? Well, in reality, there are probably more like three. If time was strictly linear, than it could not be affected as greatly by Spacial Forces as it is. For instance, gravity affects time. This suggests that there are at least TWO Axes of Time, possibly more. My conclution of three is based off of my own observation, scientific research, and more than a little intuition. If so, we are likely moving to time in a manner parallel to none of the axes.
    Then there are the Reality Axes. These govern how things work. We're probably stuck as a point, or maybe a sphere, on this Three-Dimentional area. Reality could be defined as Heaven and the Underworld, or as the governing forces of the Universe, or that which separates our Universe from others, or a multitude of other possibilities. The truth is, its probably a bit of all of them. Its impossible to define it like we do space, because we only populate a portion of it.
    Questions/Comments before I continue?
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