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  1. Merlin
    nope not gonna ignore just couldnt get on a pc for a while is all sorry bout that...
  2. zeroality
    That will happen when you have a new private message. It's a built in vBulletin function.

    You can change how it behaves by going here and toggling the settings under New Private Message Notification Pop-up. Setting it to "Don't show.." should stop this behavior.

    If it still happens after doing that, then let me know.
  3. zeroality
    User notes weren't even supposed to be enabled at all. I have disabled the setting since VM and PM are enough.

    Thanks for letting me know.
  4. phantom bezerker
    okay, it has been decided that it will be a text RPG instead. and my lazy friend STILL hasn't gotten the website on the net. i'll PM you when it is up, but... we do need ideas for abilities, moves, and we need mods. Oh, and stats, and names for eliete 4, because when I first thought of some, they were too close to PKMN OI's elite 4. However, most heights, gym leaders, locations, and pkmn are complete. but we will present all pkmn when the site is up, and we will decide yay, or nay.
  5. Tyrannigon64
    I think I'm the only person with a YouTube account that doesn't care about how many subscribers I get.
  6. Tyrannigon64
    It's not that I'm done, it's just that I haven't really felt like it. And how would a collab between spriters work? We just have all our sprites in one video? It seems pointless to me, but if I get time, I guess I might as well.
  7. Tyrannigon64
  8. Blade Flight
    Just so you know, I believe your signature would be considered to be too large. Removing the Pikachu would help.
  9. Blade Flight
    Um, I never said anything about disliking you...

    And yes, I voted "no" for the reasons Zero mentioned.
  10. Tyrannigon64
    It's because they don't post anything. They make an account, maybe post once or twice (even that's rare) and leave, and never come back. It might be because they think the game is already made, but I don't know.
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