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  1. zeroality
    Hey, I put up the pages for Sunshine Cave, Tetralith Cave, Starlight Cave, and Chartree Forest. I put a rudimentary description on the Starlight Cave page but I'm sure you'd like to go over them and write better ones. The other three don't have any at all.

    Let me fix up a couple of things here and I will go ahead and make your editor account so you can add in the descriptions yourself at your own leisure, and whatever else you would like done. Will PM.
  2. zeroality
    Yeah I don't mean to rag on you lol. About the icons page, that is.

    I know you did the best with what you had to work with. I appreciate it!

    Edit: I'm converting these and I noticed that Barkrub's icon has some sort of fade on the bottom? The black outlines aren't as sharp. I don't know if this was intentional or not by the original artist so FYI. I'm not going to mess with it, so you may want to. Let me know if you do it before I get the animated version uploaded and posted.

    [removed edits]

    Edit4: Instead of me spamming you, I'll just say that it looks like all the icons before Barkrub need looking at.
  3. ImmunityBow
    Alright then.
  4. ImmunityBow
    But I don't see why an indie game would be banned over, say PikangX's Warioware DIY topic. Any kind of project that a member starts like that would be welcome, and though it would set a precedent, it'd be a specific example precedent for something which I'm not a fan of banning in the first place, since I don't think it really distracts that much from Topaz.

    I'd still like to get your opinion before taking any more action.
  5. ImmunityBow
    About locking Tagal's topic, I think it would be appropriate in Cafe Topaz since it's an individually developed game. I don't mind letting him ask questions once in a while here, and Cafe Topaz seems more appropriate than Help/Suggestions if that was what was wrong.
  6. zeroality
    lol, I'm sorry. I usually don't read SoTs cos tl;dr but I guess I should read the ones written while I was gone.

    Thanks again!
  7. zeroality
    Is there a new Kraklaw front sprite? The one on the page is still the old one (pre-oykawoo awesomeness).
  8. MeekRhino
    Aight thanks.
  9. zeroality
  10. zeroality
    Can you link me to the two new front sprites? All I have is the sheet with the front/back.

    I have the individual back sprites from the other thread, just need the fronts.

    Edit: Also are the Arowana, Ferrian, Vilephist, Blitzfaust, Abyssus, Zantilitdae backsprites all finalized? The CMS isn't ready yet for me to give out editor access but I will.
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