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Thread: Have you ever had a dream about Topaz?

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    Default Have you ever had a dream about Topaz?

    I just did, actually! There were a few interesting differences, though:

    1. Tropius was still in-game, but to fit the fact that it could potentially learn Cherry Bomb, it had not bananas around its neck, but cherry clusters! It was an interesting sprite, to be sure.

    2. Atlaxa's whole line had received renames; Atlaxa was "Skelekid", Thoraxa was "Skelekeen" and Illumbra was "Skelekrown". I dunno what the total pun in Thoraxa's name is...maybe "skeleton" and "teen"?

    3. There was a guaranteed Shiny Pokemon encounter with a Shiny Kraklaw if you beat the game and had caught the original Kraklaw already, along with other conditions that I don't remember.

    4. My brain messes details up a bunch, so it was actually "normal" for Pikachu to not only be in the Dex, but have the original Pokemon Yellow sprite as well. Pikachu is NOT in our Dex, right?

    So, anyone else have Pokemon Topaz-related dreams?

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    Pikachu's not in, but if I did have any such dreams I don't remember them. Hmm...

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    I can barely remember my dreams, and they're so scattered and random, yet flow seamlessly, that I couldn't tell if it was a dream about Topaz, or pokemon in general, or if it was totally something else.
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    I know I've had at leat one before, but I don't remember the details. I need to start a dream journal.
    (Somewhat related: I've been trying train myself in "lucid dreaming", which is proving rather difficult because dream-me wants nothing to do with this me. But I'll be sure to put a Kipporok in my dream if I'm ever successful.)

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    well i did have a dream and I was chased by a unicrown
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    I swear that Umbreons stalk me... it's creepy. Dreamed about Foldicrane once... I think I was one (a foldicrane that is).

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