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Thread: Art Inspired by my DREEEEEAMS!

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    Default Art Inspired by my DREEEEEAMS!

    I had a dream about Dragon Quest characters in a different sort of RPG world. You played as whatever monster you wanted (but the main, "canon" race was a platypunk), and you go about and save people as a monster with superhero powers! The first boss is a dark clone of your character, and once you subdue him and show him who's "the big cheese around here" (as it was put by the text), this green slime comes out and gives you a weapon out of thanks. The examine info in the dream-game called it "PeaceSlime Lvl 5" (a reference to the old Game Boy Color Dragon Warrior Monsters, which did not use spaces in monster species names), and for some reason, I wanted to learn more about why my mind made this character so interesting!

    So I drew the one that gives you the Staff of Slimon. Presumably, there's more, but this is the only one I saw.

    Why green? Iunno, ask my brain.

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    Cute. I've never really played any of the Dragon Quest games though I assume that they're good given that the series has lasted so long. Slimes are always a good standby though.

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    Hmm, dunno what to tell ya there. I can't remember half of my dreams well enough to recount them, though I know they're mostly game Inspired. In fact, there's only one dream that I can truly recount, and it was heavily influenced by games.
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    Odd. Videogames tend to leave my dreams alone.

    For some reason, I like any creature that is a green slime. It is odd, because you'd think they'd seem disgusting.

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    I have had too many dreams to count..... maybe its the strange food I eat, maybe its my over reactive imagination..... hehehe I have had many scarily life like dreams and yet they are so far from reality they cant be true. Oh well I could easily draw a picture from my dreams.

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