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Thread: Map UPS for Triumph

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    Default Map UPS for Triumph

    Hey, I've been working creating the map files for a few of our maps, I'm going to continue posting as I go but thought it'd be good to have the ones I have up so that if people feel like helping out they can know what's done/being done.

    So far all I have complete is Sunset Village but Neo Bay is more than halfway done as well.

    So I've attached Sunset Village.

    A couple of notes:
    1. I've reached a bit of a roadblock with Neo Bay. I can't get the autotile to leave sand under the cliffs like that, it either reaches out an entire tile over or isn't visible. Anyone know what to do?
    2. Use the below complete outdoor tileset by Fangking Omega instead of Quinn's. Quinn's has some major misalignment issues and is unusable at a certain point. Until we can get someone to fix this we'll have to just stick to Fangking's.
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