Hey all, while looking through the Essentials wiki, it occurred to me that a lot of our moves are just type-changed or tweaked numbers on previous Pokemon moves, or even similar to D/P moves. As such, the effects of the moves are already programmed into the engine, we just need to recall those for our moves. So, here's a list of all the moves we have programmed so far. If Konrad ever decides to come back for even a moment, there should be more, but this is what Leithality did.

471,AVALANCHE,AVALANCHE,C6,120,ICE,Physical,100,5,100,20,0,be,Cool,"A giant wall of snow crashes upon everybody on the field."
472,BLACKHOLE,BLACK HOLE,07,250,DARK,Special,100,5,100,00,0,be,Cool,"A giant mass of negative energy completely envelops the opponent. Causes user to faint."
473,BLINDINGRAY,BLINDING RAY,D6,0,LIGHT,Status,0,10,80,00,0,c,Cool,"A ray of intense light blinds the opponent, sharply reducing accuracy."
474,BUGBITE,BUG BITE,04,70,BUG,Physical,85,15,30,00,0,abe,Cool,"Pierces the opponent with sharp teeth. Might cause burn."
475,BURNOUT,BURNOUT,63,1,FIRE,Special,100,15,100,00,0,abe,Cool,"Inflicts more damage when the user's HP is down."
476,CASCADE,CASCADE,D7,60,WATER,Special,100,10,100,00,0,be,Cool,"An arc of water crashes on the foe, painfully soothing burns."
477,CHERRYBOMB,CHERRY BOMB,54,80,GRASS,Physical,90,15,20,00,0,be,Cool,"Explosive seed pods are launched at the opponent. Might seed the opponent."
478,COLDWIND,COLD WIND,05,55,ICE,Special,100,25,20,00,0,be,Cool,"A blast of super-chilled air strikes the opponent. Might cause freeze."
479,DARKAURA,DARK AURA,36,0,DARK,Status,0,30,100,10,0,d,Cool,"An aura of malice surrounds the user. Sharply raises Special Defense."
480,DIVEBOMB,DIVE BOMB,D8,120,FLYING,Physical,75,10,100,00,0,abe,Cool,"An attack from the sky at breakneck speeds. If miss, user suffers damage."
481,AFTERBURN,AFTERBURN,94,80,FIRE,Special,90,15,0,00,0,e,Cool,"Smoldering ashes are formed under the opponent to burst into flame two turns later."
482,AMBUSH,AMBUSH,9B,100,DARK,Physical,100,10,100,00,0,abe,Cool,"Hides deep within the shadows, to strike one turn later."
483,DOOMSCYTHE,DOOM SCYTHE,6D,60,GHOST,Physical,100,15,10,00,0,abe,Cool,"An ethereal scythe cleaves the opponent. May cause curse."
484,DRAGONGALE,DRAGON GALE,1C,50,DRAGON,Special,90,10,100,00,-10,be,Cool,"A giant storm comes and drags opponent away."
485,BRIGHTSLASH,BRIGHT SLASH,00,60,LIGHT,Special,0,20,0,00,0,ab,Cool,"An unavoidable concentration of light energy strikes the opponent."
486,CALMWIND,CALM WIND,DA,0,NORMAL,Status,0,5,100,01,0,,Cool,"A gentle breeze washes over the field, clearing all active weather effects."
487,ZIGZAG,ZIGZAG,DB,0,NORMAL,Status,0,20,100,10,0,d,Cool,"User begins moving erratically, sharply lowering opponent’s accuracy while lowering user’s defense."
488,WRATH,WRATH,96,120,LIGHT,Special,80,5,10,00,0,bce,Cool,"Intense holy energy engulfs opponent. Might cause flinch."
489,WINDWHISTLE,WINDWHISTLE,DC,0,FLYING,Status,0,20,75,00,0,ce,Cool,"A shrill whistle sounds, piercing through the opponent's ears. Causes confusion, and may lower defense."
490,UMBRAGE,UMBRAGE,4C,95,DARK,Special,100,10,10,00,0,bce,Cool,"Destructive thoughts are forcibly inserted into opponent’s mind. Might cause confusion."
491,FLASHPUNCH,FLASH PUNCH,49,70,LIGHT,Physical,100,10,50,00,0,abce,Cool,"An intense strike to the eyes that may reduce accuracy."
492,FLORALSTORM,FLORAL STORM,54,95,GRASS,Special,100,10,10,00,0,bce,Cool,"A tornado of flora envelops the opponent. Might cause seed."
493,FOCUSSIGHT,FOCUS SIGHT,DD,0,BUG,Status,0,10,100,10,0,d,Cool,"User trains its eyes upon the opponent, improving its accuracy."
494,FRICTION,FRICTION,45,60,ROCK,Physical,100,25,10,00,0,abce,Cool,"May lower opponent’s defense."
495,TIDALWAVE,TIDAL WAVE,DE,10,WATER,Special,100,10,100,00,0,be,Cool,"A wall of water with varying intensity."
496,FIREBALL,FIREBALL,DE,10,FIRE,Special,100,10,100,00,0,be,Cool,"User attacks with a fire orb of varying intensity."
497,MEGAFRICTION,MEGAFRICTION,DF,120,ROCK,Physical,80,5,30,00,0,be,Cool,"Summons pillars of rock which strike the opponent at high speeds. May burn user."
498,RIPTIDE,RIPTIDE,1C,50,WATER,Special,90,10,100,00,-10,be,Cool,"A deluge of water washes opponent away."
499,LIGHTWAVE,LIGHT WAVE,49,60,LIGHT,Special,100,20,10,00,0,bce,Cool,"An intense wave of light energy washes over the opponent. Might lower accuracy."
500,MAGICDUST,MAGIC DUST,F0,0,GRASS,Status,0,10,75,00,0,c,Cool,"A strange dust is scattered over the field, causing a random status effect."
501,MAGNETBLAST,MAGNET BLAST,AA,150,STEEL,Special,100,10,100,00,0,abe,Cool,"An intense magnetic pulse that requires complete concentration to create."
502,IRONFIST,IRON FIST,45,80,STEEL,Physical,100,15,10,00,0,abde,Cool,"Strikes with a fist as hard as iron. Might lower defense."
503,MYSTICPOWER,MYSTIC POWER,35,0,PSYCHIC,Status,0,20,100,10,0,d,Cool,"User taps into mysterious inner power, sharply raising Special Attack."
504,OVERLOAD,OVERLOAD,CC,140,ELECTRIC,Special,90,5,100,00,0,bce,Cool,"An intense discharge of electrical energy. Sharply lowers Special Attack."
505,ICICLEWHIP,ICICLE WHIP,1F,70,ICE,Physical,100,15,30,00,0,abce,Cool,"Sharp icicles strike harshly across the opponent. Might cause flinch."
506,QUICKBOLT,QUICKBOLT,00,40,ELECTRIC,Special,100,30,0,00,1,be,Cool,"A strong current of static electricity courses through the opponent before they can react."
507,SQUALL,SQUALL,00,40,FLYING,Physical,100,30,0,00,1,abe,Cool,"Attacks with the speed of the wind."
508,EQUILIBRIUM,EQUILIBRIUM,19,0,PSYCHIC,Status,0,0,100,01,0,,Cool,"Intense mind energy exerts a balancing influence over the battlefield."
As you can see, a bunch of moves are already done. So what I was thinking was that we could look into the Essentials Wiki and pick out the Function Codes that correspond to each of the Topaz moves that aren't doing something completely new. We could then basically program all the simpler moves already and perhaps even figure out how to program some of the harder moves (Leithality was saying that the Alpha/Beta/Gamma/Delta moves were hard but may be possible because Sketch has a script to see if the user already has the move it's trying to copy, so you can use a similar script to check for other moves in your moveset).

So, what do you think?