I can't seem to post my own thread, so I'll have to try here!

I've been commissioned to make a coherent map for Topaz, and I've finished the terrain, as far as I can see, and would now like some help with additional locations like caves and forests from this map. Are they all still in the same place? Some of them are marked right next to some of the towns, so are they inside the town, or right outside? You'll notice the other regions are littered with those small green icons, some of which are on top of or inside the city icon, so this information will allow me to put them in the right place.

Here's the full map:

There's also a cropped one of Caldera/Kirant here, in case anyone wants to do any labelling.

Also, if there are any changes or alterations anyone wants, please let me know! I have taken a few liberties with the links between the new regions and Hoenn that Zainiadragon provided me with, but otherwise I have been as faithful as possible to the existing maps.