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Thread: Softwind Gym Leader - Therma

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    Default Softwind Gym Leader - Therma

    Softwind City has fewer residents than Neo Bay, but it is a much more popular tourist attraction. It is home to the Elemental Towers, towers of Fire, Lightning and Ice that once housed the Legendary Birds of Kanto. Rumors suggest that a powerful trainer who has learned the art of each element waits at the top of each tower, but only worthy trainers are permitted to challenge them.
    The City's Gym Leader, Therma, has a fascination with bird Pokemon. She hopes to make the City a safe place for all flying Pokemon. In addition to being a Gym Leader, she is also Softwind's librarian. Her Gym is stocked with a wide variety of books about the history of Caldera and Kirant.

    Connected to Route 52 and Route 53

    Gym Leader: Therma
    [16] *

    Prize TM: Windwhistle

    *Note: Levels will (possibly) vary based upon your team composition.

    Requirements to proceed to Route 53:
    Defeat Therma

    Requirements to proceed to Elemental Towers:
    Defeat Elite 4
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