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Thread: Thoughts on Undertale?

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    Default Thoughts on Undertale?

    Just wanted to get everyone's thoughts on this game. Personally I loved it, and the best parts of the game remained unspoiled throughout my time playing it since I was an early backer on their Kickstarter. Also, love the music in the game, I still play songs from the soundtrack every now and then, and the covers online are fantastic.

    Anyone else want to share their thoughts?
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    I'm currently playing it. I was trying to be a pacifist but thought you had to kill Toriel and there was no choice because talking wasn't helping and I thought mercy only worked when the name was yellow. I got through half the game before realizing that wasn't the case and now I have to restart and am procrastinating on having to play through it all again. It is quite a wonderful game though.

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