It's probably the biggest thing I need sorted through... and I don't think I have everything just yet either:

'I guess Iíll do a few for Saharan, the rest can be done when more info comes: NPC 1: Well, who do we have here? It must have been tough crossing the eye of sand to get here! NPC 2: Not every pokemon is effected negatively by sandstorms. My pokemon actually benefits from it! (Cacnea: Grriigiittt!) NPC 3: (Before gym battle): Arrrgh! I canít belive itís taking this long to build one stupid tunnel! (After gym battle): Haventree tunnel is finally done! I gotta go to school, Iíll do some more this afternoon.
) 18012, 'Okay Iím back, hereís some more: NPC 4: Going to challenge Osiro? Donít count on a victory this time, his power is real! After battle: Wow... Youíre incredible! Osiro dosenít lose to just anyone! Pokemart: NPC 5: This pokemart has some of the best products in stock. A full restore is like a max potion and a full heal all in one! NPC 6: I forgot my wallet at my house, but my wife will be steamed if I donít bring everything on our list back... What to do? Pokemon Center: NPC 7: ...I just canít hack it! The other gym leaders were tough, but Iíve challenged Osiro six times, and I just canít win! Itís getting very discouraging... (Primeape: aaiiigrirr!) NPC 8: Trainers who brave the eye of sand to get here just go to the gym and then leave! They should visit the library too! Gym: NPC 9: Well, if it isnít the soon-to-be champion! This is the final gym before pokemon league, and let me tell ya buddy, this will NOT be a cakewalk! Osiroís got an army of ground-type pokemon ready for you, and his trainers are nearly as tough as he is! Youíre gonna need all the skill youíve got for this one! (After): I canít believe it! Youíve beaten one of the greatest trainers in the land! Check your trainer card, and make sure youíve got all the badges still in there. If all eight are there, you can now go to pokemon league! NPC 10 (Osiro): Before Battle: Welcome, challenger, to the Saharan Gym! This land was founded by my people nearly a millenium ago, when our first pharoh discovered the oasis upon which the city is built. The endless sandstorm here was created by our peopleís immense ground-type pokemon, in order to keep invaders out and preserve our ancient heritage, a heritage which I am bound to protect. You are obviously here on your quest for the pokemon league. Although I love to see young trainers soar to new heights, iím afraid my pride would not allow a loss to you! (In battle text after victory): Wonderful! My efforts to drag you into the abyss have failed! You are truly an impeccable trainer!(After battle in normal screen): Your victory here was no fluke. Your pokemon posses talent and determination in spades. As a reward for this, please take this tm. It is normally reserved for descendants of the ancient royal family, but I wish for your pokemon to learn Fault Line. It is a powerful move that causes massive damage to both you and your enemy. (Talk Again): Your next step is to go far to the south toward your ultimate goal: The Pokemon League. I wish you luck on the remainder of your quest! Wow, Osiro sure says a lot. Iíd like to cut that down a bit, but it is also a little longer bcause gym leaders need four sets of things to say.
) 18013, 'Looking good. My activity will be limited for a while because I got a big piece of malware that Iíve mostly got rid of but of which I am having trouble with the after-effects. Just a heads up.
) 18014, 'Ouch. I recently had one that looked just like a Windows update telling me my computer had three different Trojan worms on it. Even if you click on x, it will release the real virus, so itís getting a lot of people right now. On a different note, my Osiro dosenít actually say anything about the badge, so Iíll change one of his lines. After battle normal screen: Your victory was no fluke. Your power and resolve has given you the victory here today. In recognition of this, I bequeath to you the Sphinx Badge, the final emblem of the league! Also, I wish for you to go forth with my blessing in the form of this TM, normally reserved for the descendants of the royal family. With it, you can make the power of Fault Line your own! It causes massive damage to both battlers.
) 18039, 'I can do Sedcini this afternoon.
) 18045, 'I forgot about television shows! There is a PURIOR fighting a bunch of Team Rocket. It looks like it is beating them badly. A lady is flailing in the water, screaming her lungs out. It looks like a KRAKLAW attack. It is a documentary showing the burning of the PINEDALE FOREST
) 18052, 'Is their any info on Sedcini that I can use?
) 18060, 'None that you donít have access to, sorry! Iím up to Icthyes with OI, Hollowlog with World of Topazes.
) 18063, 'We suppose we can do Icthyes then, since there is stuff on that.
) 18066, 'Not all of it either. Just wait. Tomorrow Iíll get all the Icthyes stuff done on OI (at least I hope I will) and then Iíll post it here.
) 18090, 'The Orange Treeko Bar & Grill is a rest stop for trainers, tourists and locals alike. Itís a place where you can sit around to have a chat, a sparkling hard or soft drink, or a scrumptious meal with ingredients you canít find anywhere else. Sit down, relax, and forget about carrying the world on your shoulders, or about the injustices of this world: this restaurant serves delicacies of questionable origins, and drinks with alcohol levels that are high enough for you to forget about how high they are after a couple of drinks! Bet you couldnít tell it from the quaint fishing huts that litter the beaches of Icthyes City, but Icthyes City is home to one of the biggest black markets in the world. Rocket Invite in hand, you ask around the Black Market where to find the Rocket base. Lorenzo's medicine shop just happens to be the entrance to the Rocketís southern headquarters. As you arrive at Rocket East, you are met with a palace of which it is incredibly obvious that Pokťmon exploitation was used to build. From the ivory doorknobs to the carpet smelling very strongly of Embear fur. You enter Giovanniís Office, which is a massive study the size of a courtyard, with ceilings reaching three stories high and with solid Sudowoodo-stone furniture. No scruples against harming Pokťmon here either
) 18108, 'Sorry it took us a while to do this, but our schoolwork has been crazy the last few days. We have some time today, so we can get some of it done. NPC 1: Icthyes city is a true captain of industry. One day, all cities may someday be like this! NPC 2: 50 years ago, Icthyes was just a small fishing village. Reminicing about the good old days is a way to pass the time, I suppose... NPC 3: There are some buisnessmen here who are quite wealthy, but boy are there some crooks too! NPC 4: The main streets here are clean, but the back alleys are filthy. It makes you wonder what lies just under the surface... NPC 5: Hey kid! You wanna buy some KUANAIGA fangs? Rare as can be, and for a fair price, too! No? Then beat it! NPC 6: We pull out fresh fish by the tons here every day! Using our wonderful Super Rods, we can catch any aquatic pokemon, even pokemon on the ocean bottom! Would you like a Super Rod so you can be a Super fisherman too? All right, hereís your very own super-de-duper Super Rod! NPC 7: You got the stuff? Oh, that there is a Rocket Invite. In that case, youíve gotta talk to Big Tony. He can tell ya where to use that! NPC 8: What, what are ya botheriní Big Tony for? Rocket Invite? Donít tell anyone, but you need ta take dat over to Lorenzoís med shop, and show it to the purfume lady. Go on kid, scoot! NPC 9: Welcome to Lorenzoís Medicine Shop, where you can get all of your herbal needs! What can I do for you? NPC 10: Herbs are inexpensive, but they make your pokemon dislike you. Donít use them unless you want your pokemon to not like you for some reason. NPC 11: I sometimes see shady characters coming in and out of here. I wonder whatís going on? NPC 12: Hello, I sell herbal perfumes, but I doubt you can afford any of them. ( If you have Rocket Invite): Oh, I see. please come with me. (She takes youu into the back room.) Youíll get where you want by going down the stairs. Thatís about all weíve got time for today, weíll try to do more tommorow.
) 18170, 'Whew, finally got a little time to do some more. NPC 13: The new version of the Serber-i security system came out recently. It was developed in that big building over there. NPC 14: We are the research team that developed the Serber-i system, but the boss takes all the credit! NPC 15: Plug this wire in here, and then attach this... Canít you see that iím trying to concentrate? NPC 16: It was my idea to build a system that would give peace of mind to those with many possesions! Donít listen to those ingrates! SIGN: Icthyes Recreational Park. Note: Please report any acts of vandalism to the authorities. NPC 17: This park is one of the few places that is nice and clean in the city. My kids really enjoy it! NPC 18: Yay! Letís play tag! NPC 19: Alright! youíre it! NPC 20: Aww... I canít run as fast as the other kids... NPC 21: There has been a lot of graffiti on this wall recently. No one ever sees them, so they must be doing it late at night... Wall: Teem Roket Rulz! Oreon Defedes Sukz! Weíre running a bit low on ideas for this place. Hopefully others will add to this.
) 18172, 'This is probably stupid, but: Drunken Man: *hic* Darrack/Diana *hic* where you been *hic* wait, youíre not Darrack/Diana *hic* what do you want?! Like I said, itís stupid. I got the idea for it from that alcohol comment up there.
) 18175, 'Pretty much everything typed here is considered, donít worry if you think itís stupid. Wouldnít be bad for someone in a back alley.