A week overdue once more... I was meaning to do this for a while but things, whether it be malware infecting pokemontopaz.net, or a virus itself attacking my computer (which I just managed to get rid of today, incidentally), said no. As of this moment the Topaz site is still down so not much will be updated there, for obvious reasons. Zeroality has been working on getting all the problems fixed, but I imagine that it could get difficult if we have someone intentionally plaguing us.

So, starting with sprite/art officialization: PapaLuLu27's Dionare, Kelvoyant, Dolphure, Canileaf and Wolvine are now transparentized and aligned, and on the Topaz Photobucket.

I believe, with that, every single icon mandatory for the demo is finished. Benchmark? Yes!

Also, Traplent now has concept art, making the Venap line the second all-Topaz line to have a full set of concept art. By yours truly. If you have any suggestions, I would have loved to take them, but I accidentally merged and overwrote the .psd... so now I can't fix most things ):

Also quite important: The Caldera/Kirant dex numbering system is now complete! You can find it in the original post here!

On another note, the Topaz Facebook Group now has 20 members, which is good because it's growing. Perhaps I should start a Topaz Twitter... that way I wouldn't have to do any more State of Topazes :S

Cumuloft and Malduval are now proud sporters of Pokedex Entries. However, poor Engil, Benengil, Trillogill and Kuranpu are still missing theirs, so if you could come out and voice your opinions on the options already posted you could make them happy and satisfied!

As per "popular" vote, it has been decided on the Little Corrections Topic that Cumuloft now has Equilibrium over Calm Wind (the reason being that Cirroft already learns Calm Wind at level 20). However, there has been some discussion over a new Pokemon species for Caribrisk. Care to contribute?

Also just a note that Dex Data Stuff is now complete (finally). I'm happy that more than just a few people were willing to help out with this, from beginning to end.

Also in the scripts and storylines section lies NPC Lines, which have been enjoying their fair share of attention lately. For those who happen to think up neat things for NPCs to say, here's a place for you!

Still in that section Typhidna and Kipporok now have a storyline. That means that Topaz is finally coming together in terms of its plotline, as Orion/Rocket discussions have also nearly reached a conclusion over on the Contributor forums. What's missing? Storylines for Kuranpu, Unicrown, or both. But I don't really see much of a storyline with both, really.

Thank you Shadow_Rukario, who made a great looking indoor Battle Platform for us. I've also assigned the various recolours needed to Eve, who has accepted the request (I think). So expect to see these done sometime sooner or later (hopefully not later). .

Also thanks to you, PikangX, for work on Pokemon cries. He's just done Flintusk and Kuranpu, and most likely wants you to listen to them and tell him what can be improved and whatnot. Check it out!

Irot_Rebod has further provided us with some truly excellent midis for Topaz's music, namely background music for Twilight Cave, Cianwood City, Rocket battles and whatnot. Some of them are remixes of canon theme, but they are really awesome remixes so I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Finally, Traplent now has a card for the TCG! I'm no expert but I think it looks pretty good! *shot*

Have a great next few weeks!