Pokémon Topaz - Portwind City

Portwind is a port city, but is much smaller than its shipping partner, Gallea. To make itself stand out from all the other port cities of the area, Portwind has been making its entire city more beautiful, including the construction of its recently finished lighthouse, sister to the one in Olivine. Almost ready to open, and desperately needed by ship captains, Portwind needs only to find a Pokémon to represent the city and be the light of the lighthouse.

Gym leader: Tristan
Tristan has overseen the transformation of the city and, with assistance from Jasmine of Olivine, has been the leader in a search for a Pokémon for the new lighthouse. A master of Light himself, Tristan’s own Pokémon have been providing their services in the interim, but their work has made them too tired to battle in the daytime, and the gym has had to run for a very short period, much to the dismay of trainers and Tristan himself.

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