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Thread: Irot's compositions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irot_Rebod View Post
    Enechestra City, maybe? I got *cough* inspiration *cough* from a song that I thought would fit a city/town theme. I'm leaning towards Enechestra, but maybe Laysan? Tell me what you all think!

    ... and a cookie to the person who recognizes the song (I arranged it, but sadly don't know the composer D: ).

    Happy Listening!
    - IR


    lol signatures

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    lolnyancat. Strangely enough I have a MIDI of the original song. XD

    If it IS in fact Nyanyanyanyanyanya! (<- what that song is ACTUALLY called), then the composer is a Japanese guy who goes by daniwellP.

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    irot you should make completely new trainer battle and wild pokemon battle music instead of remixes

    your other ones (gym leader battle, rival battle and legendary battle) are so much better

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