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  1. NyteFyre
    of course, but we'll cross all those bridges when we come to them.

    I wasn't sure which ones we had decided on, so i just did them all.
  2. ImmunityBow
    Thanks. Eventually we'll have to transparentize and align them but it's good to have them all there.
  3. NyteFyre
    Finished those icons you asked about.
  4. NyteFyre
    lol, nice one, Zero.

    anyway, but yeah, on both my Ubuntu Laptop and parent's Windows 7 desktop, it is not left aligned.

    Could it possibly be from running Firefox? I use it on both computers.
  5. ImmunityBow
    That's strange. For me everything is left aligned.
  6. NyteFyre
    well, if you look just above where it says Visitor messages, there's that line that says, well from here, 'Members list -> Immunitybow'. Usually, it's left aligned, but now it's sort of centered.
  7. ImmunityBow
    I don't quite know what you're talking about. I haven't noticed anything that draws the eye out of place, at the very least.
  8. NyteFyre
    Any idea what's up with the 'current spot on the forum' bar? It's sort of floating there in the middle, and there seems to be too many lines between it, and where the forums start. It's kind of strange, and while it draws the eyes, it in a sort of 'wtf?' way.
  9. NyteFyre
    well, said top 10 lists are mostly comprised of the most requested/ purchased songs on the market. it doesn't include those most often listened to by individuals. Otherwise, there would be more of a top 10000 or something...
  10. ImmunityBow
    Yeah, the most interesting part is the variety of music people call favourite, even though we as a culture have these concepts of "popular music" and "Top 10 lists" etc.
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