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Pokemon Topaz FAQ

Last edited February 21, 2010

Here is a list of some Topaz resources:
Topaz Gym Leaders
Wild Pokemon Encounter Rates
Topaz Soundtrack
Topaz Items/TMs
Topaz Moves
Topaz Abilities
Topaz Pokedex Entries
Topaz Colors/Gender Ratios
Topaz Dex Listing

Q: When will a demo be released?
A: We are hoping to have a demo out some time this year.

Q: When will the full version be released?
A: It's really had to say, since we can't really estimate how many setbacks we might have, or how much time we will have to work on it with school and all.

Q: How are we going to play Topaz?
A: You will be able to download Topaz for free and play it on your computer.

Q: What software are you using to make Topaz?
A: We are using RPG Maker XP, which uses Ruby as its programming language.

Q: Will we have to download RPG Maker in order to play it?
A: No, just downloading the Topaz game will be enough.

Q: How big will the game be?
A: A rough guess is around 10 MB.

Q: How many save files will there be?
A: We're probably going to use RPGMaker's default 3 save files, but this is not confirmed. There may only be one save file.

Q: Is this game legal?
A: Yes, since we are not making any profit off of it.

Q: Is this game going to have online capabilities?
A: We are not sure about that just yet. If we are able to make it online, we will do so.

Q: Are there going to be new Pokemon?
A: Yes. There are 115 new Pokemon.

Q: Can we submit ideas for new Pokemon?
A: No, we do not need ideas for new Pokemon. We already have all the ideas we need.

Q: Are there any new types of Pokemon?
A: Yes, there is the Light type.

Q: What are the strengths/weaknesses of Light types?
A: We are still figuring out exactly how we want Light types to work, but they will work roughly like this:

Light attacks are Super Effective against: Dark, Ghost Light attacks are Not Very Effective against: Grass, Steel Light Types are Resistant to: Fighting , Poison Light Types are Weak to: Psychic, Ghost Light Types are Immune to: Dark Light Types have no effect on: Psychic

Q: How many Light types will there be?
A: Right now we have 13 Light typed Pokemon.

Q: Where can I see the new Pokemon?
A: You can see them here. This is a complete list.

Q: Some of your new Pokemon look a lot like existing Pokemon, why is that?
A: Those Pokemon are either the pre-evolved or evolved form of existing Pokemon. Here's a list of them:

Moocalf is the pre-evo of both Miltank and Tauros. Female Moocalf evolve into Miltank, and male Moocalf evolve into Tauros.
Skalloy evolves into Skarmory.
Barkub evolves into Growlithe.
Vixun evolves into Vulpix.
Absol evolves into Abyssus.
Murkrow evolves into Haskrow.
Cacturne evolves into Cackinge.
Zangoose evolves into Zantilidae.
Seviper evolves into Pythang.
Slowpoke evolves into Slowpriest.
Eevee evolves into Chloreon.
Lapras evolves into Sirene.
Stantler evolves into Caribrisk.

Q: What are your fossil Pokemon?
A: Our fossil Pokemon are Flintusk/Metusk and Allufang/Kunaiga. Flintusk evolves into Metusk, and Allufang evolves into Kunaiga.

Q: How many Pokemon are going to be in the game?
A: We are planning on making the game similar to Ruby and Sapphire in that only some of the old Pokemon are going to be in the game with the new Pokemon. But do not worry, ALL of the old Pokemon are going to be available. For all the old Pokemon that are not in Topaz, we will place them in a new smaller area that will be released via a "patch". It is possible that we will make the add-on area a remake of Kanto or Johto. This "patch" will be released several months after the release of Topaz. Initially however, 200 Pokemon will appear in the game.

Q: What about the Diamond/Pearl Pokemon?
A: We are not including any Diamond/Pearl Pokemon in Topaz. We are making the game as an alternate D/P, if you will, made the way the fans wanted it.

Q: How many legendary Pokemon are in the game?
A: Currently we have 4 Uber Pokemon: Kuranpu, Unicrown, Typhidna, and Kipporok. Our legendary trio is Gypseer, Neichia, and Tagati.

Q: Is there another Eevee evolution?
A: Yes, and that is Chloreon, which is a grass type. We are NOT going to have any more Eevee evolutions other than Chloreon.

Q: Is there going to be any "Concept Art" for the new Pokemon?
A: Yes, we have a small number of our Pokemon featured in not only a bigger picture but also a different pose than its sprite. You can see them by going here.

Q: Are there going to be any new moves?
A: Yes. The new moves list is located here.

Q: Can I submit a new move?
A: No. We are sticking with our completed moves list unless someone finds a problem in the list.

Q: Since there are going to be new moves, are some going to be TMs? And what will happen to the old TM moves?
A: Yes, some of the new moves will be TMs. All the old TMs from Fire Red/Leaf Green are kept in the new TM list.

Q: Are there going to be any new traits?
A: Yes. The list of traits can be found here.

Q: What about the movesets and Pokedex information?
A: They are developed here.

Q: What will the new region be called?
A: The new region consists of 2 continents, Kirant and Caldera. You can see the region map by going here. When you hold your mouse over a city, you will notice that the white box that normally says Caldera/Kirant will change to the name of the city. In the future, clicking on a city will take you to a brief description of that city.

Q: What will be the evil team?
A: Topaz will feature 2 different teams. The first is Team Rocket, and the second is a new team called Orion Defenders.

Q: What is the story behind Topaz?
A: To view a brief description of the story of Topaz, go here.

Q: What are some of the new features of Topaz?
A: We are returning the day/night system that Gold and Silver had. We are also probably going to have a morning and an evening. If the player decides they do not like hearing a particular route or city’s music, they will be able to change the music by using a CD. CDs contain the music from all the routes and cities, so the player can listen to the music of the route or city of his/her choice. CDs can be found either in shops or by certain events in the game. When a player uses a CD, the music will change to the music on the CD, and it will stay that way until the player tells the game otherwise; in other words, if a player is listening to a CD and changes routes or cities, the music will still be the music from the CD.

Q: Can I see what the trainers look like?
A: You can see our trainers here. However, we do not have many trainers sprited yet, and the ones we do have are probably not 100% complete.

Q: Who is the project leader?
A: The current project leader is ImmunityBow. A complete development team list can be viewed here.

Q: How can I get on the Topaz Staff?
A: Everyone is staff! Everyone may contribute to any non-complete aspect of Topaz. However, some things are kept a little more private, and those who show great dedication and contribute greatly to Topaz are given access to these.

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