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    Default Topaz Abilities

    Aerodynamic - Speed is doubled when switched in.

    Arachnophobia - 10% chance enemy won't move if using direct attack.

    Boil - Unaffected by Rain.

    Cold Snap - Hail falls when Pokemon enters battle.

    Copycat - Copies opponent's stat changes.

    Diversion - 50% chance an attack aimed at a double-battle partner will hit the pokemon with this ability instead.

    Dragon Blood - If a Dragon-type attack is used, the base damage of the attack is multiplied by 1.5. Activates if user is under 33% health.

    Earthen Armor - Defense is raised one stage when switched in.

    Echo - 20% chance any damaging move will hit again for 50% damage.

    Eclipse - Enacts Darkness when Pokemon enters battle.

    Element Shield - Pokemon with this ability are not affected by moves of its type.

    Empty Head - Cannot be confused, attracted or flinched.

    Final Wish - When this pokemon faints due to a direct Not Very Effective attack, the Pokemon that attacked also faints.

    Iron Will - If a Steel-type attack is used, the base damage of the attack is multiplied by 1.5. Activates when user is at 33% health or less.

    Last Effort - If struggle is in effect, user's attack and speed are maxed.

    Light Absorb - Healed by up to 1/4 maximum Hit Points when hit with Light-type moves.

    Night Vision - When Darkness is in effect, moves by this Pokemon gain 30% increased accuracy.

    Overdrive - When a directly-damaging move is used repeatedly, the power of that move increases by 10% the base power each turn (simple, not compound). Overdrive wears off when affected by a status condition, like when Paralysis prevents you from attacking, or any time your Pokemon fails to use a move.

    Serene Focus - Any stat boosts or stat reductions are doubled.

    Confound - Lower's enemy Sp. Defense one stage when switching in.

    Cunning - Sp Attack is doubled when switched in.
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