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  1. MK94
    ok cool
  2. ImmunityBow
    We're mostly focusing on scripting efforts at the moment to really try to get that demo out. Any spriting contributions are still appreciated, in the form of icons or overworlds. Trainer sprites (generic ones, if possible, since we're getting to a fair few number of trainers that don't really fit in many places) are also good.
  3. MK94
    hay ib so im back i guess but i was wondering if theres anything i could do to get the game chugged out because ive been on a spriting hype of sorts lately so um yah(i never know how to end comversations so um yah)
  4. MK94
    yessssssssssssssssssssssssss ('''')
    ```````````````````````` ! !/
    ```````````````````````` !__/
  5. ImmunityBow
  6. MK94
    coooooooooooooool so its gona be in the game?????????????????????
  7. ImmunityBow
    Those look fine.
  8. MK94
  9. ImmunityBow
    Still some work. Why don't you try adding some highlights?
  10. MK94
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