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  1. ImmunityBow
    Hmm... I had a bunch of dots on the maps showing where each NPC would go, but I have the feeling that it would be best done when both of us are on IRC and we can discuss placement, dialogue and stuff. That way we can get it the way we both want it.

    There's also a bunch of the indoor maps Inevitable and I made that you can check out here:
  2. Nokeeo
    Ok, I'll do that One question though, should I program events too? Like, TVs and Npcs?
  3. Nokeeo
    Ah, that's ok Send me the tiles and the Mistvale sketch and I'll make the map then.
  4. ImmunityBow
    Not bad, not bad. Your town is really good, though for the rest your scattering technique for the flowers and grass is a little bit unnatural.

    So, I'll try to get a tileset for you, and you can try to remake Mistvale City or make a city like Gallea or Kalypso. How's that?
  5. Nokeeo
    Here, I uploaded some maps... But they are not exactly complete, since I stopped doing the game long ago, and I changed the tilesets... If there's any map you want me to do, I'll try my best :P - Common town - A village - Castle garden
  6. ImmunityBow
    I'm not 100% sure, since Fangking Omega has a lot of specialty tiles that he wanted to use. I'm sure he'd be willing to work in collaboration with you though, if I can get the tilesets from him.

    Can I see some of the examples of your work?

    (We have everything up to Mistvale City done, though Fangking wanted to redo Mistvale. We also have a fair few dungeons done, such as Mt. Frost, Twilight Cave, etc.)
  7. Nokeeo
    Hey, I was thinking... On the Irc chat, I heard FangKing, the mapper, vanished. Can I be a mapper then? I'm not a total noob, I was developing a game with a friend, but I gave up making it. I'm only asking you if I can really be a mapper and which maps have been completed... :P Okay?
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