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  1. zeroality
    What I posted in forum header thread about site editors is probably relevant to what you're doing here. PM me if you want me to set it up.
  2. zeroality
    I wasn't aware. That's pretty cool. Will post, thanks.
  3. ImmunityBow
    Just in case you never saw, because this was never submitted as a concept art piece but rather was in the "music player skins" section, I made a concept art of Ampure ages ago. It's not up on the site which is why I wasn't sure whether you were aware of its presence or not.
  4. ImmunityBow
    I really doubt it'll make that much of a difference, but since 5 was arbitrary anyway, sure.
  5. zeroality
    Can we lower the dex approval requirement? 5 seems a bit high with the relative lack of activity and accumulating disinterest in dex edits. How about 4?
  6. zeroality
    Oh BTW, this CMS doesn't have the security stuff that the old Repository had. No archived pages, files in /uploads/ can be deleted, etc. It's just you, Reli, and myself with access so I didn't see the need for it.

    Just FYI, you'll need to be careful as any change you make will be permanent. I'll have no access to older versions of stuff except for the files in /uploads/ which are on my computer. Please do let me know if you add files so I can download them as a backup - just drop a VM or something. Thanks!

    Also I appreciate the info about the icons.
  7. ImmunityBow
    Yeah, from what I understand from X-Antibody official Pokemon icons are like that, to simulate the idea of the Pokemon looking up at you. That's why the heads are exaggerated even more and the bodies taper down and have faded outlines. If you look at menu icons from Emerald you'll see that's the style.
  8. zeroality
    Alright, thanks. Also can you look at the last 2 messages between Reli and myself? He referred me to you.
  9. ImmunityBow
    Yes. We have too many held items, anyway.
  10. zeroality
    Arctic Stone is a regular item like Leaf/Water/Thunder Stone right?
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