Conversation Between zeroality and NyteFyre

  1. NyteFyre
    Sure, it's doing it right now, on my parents computer.
  2. zeroality
    Just saw your VMs to IB. Can you screencap?

    I am actually on ubuntu right now and everything looks normal (Morning skin).
  3. zeroality
    Yeah I saw that page but that doesn't help at all.

    It's a sheet, not the individual sprites. I was hoping I wouldn't have to chase him down to get them. Guess I'll send him a message on Facebook.
  4. NyteFyre
    I'm sure Quinn has them, and if not, he did set up an entire page of nothing but the shiny sprites. Here:

  5. zeroality
    Do you know anybody who has the entire set of shiny sprites? I'd like to make a page on the site with them.
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