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  1. zeroality
    Nevermind, I didn't realize I wasn't one either. Now we both are.
  2. zeroality
    IB stay online, imma make you superadmin
  3. zeroality
    now i need admins back lol
  4. zeroality
    That's my bad. I didn't realize you and reli were in the editors group when I changed permissions the other day. I made both of you admins.
  5. ImmunityBow
    Hey, the cms has changed for me so I no longer can access any of the image files. The only content I can edit is pages, of which the image sources are all transparentsprite.png so I'm not exactly sure how I'm supposed to get access to them so I can use them or distribute them for editing or anything like that. Could you help me find a way? Thanks.
  6. ImmunityBow
    Hmm.. Okay. I'm going to think about how I'm going to do this when I'm not so tired. Thanks for implementing it.
  7. zeroality
    Ugh wow, I totally forgot about this - but it's done now. The Editor usergroup can add pages, and modify any page, but nothing else. If people need to add files, I'd recommend you assign someone the responsibility of using the file manager instead of allowing access willy nilly.
  8. ImmunityBow
    Thanks so much, zero.
  9. zeroality
    Aight. Today's my birthday so I've been drinking a bit. I'll get to it when I'm not buzzed. Don't wanna mess up anything haha.
  10. ImmunityBow
    That would be great, thanks zero.
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