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  1. Reliability
    The conversation seemed to be leaning toward the dancer because we have so many water trainers as it is. I still have to do some work on it, but I think that was the decision we made.
  2. zeroality
    Which one then? I already put the Dancer up but I can swap it out.
  3. Reliability
    A legit mermaid. Unfortunately, we can only use either the dancer or the mermaid, since the dancer is an edit of the mermaid sprite.
  4. zeroality
    Alright. What about the mermaid? Is she a cosplayer or an actual mermaid?
  5. Reliability
    That sprite was mine. It was decided it should be a generic dancer like you said. I think it was in the "Trainer Sprites" topic where it was originally posted and discussed.
  6. zeroality
    I can't remember where I got this sprite from so I can't look up the information. The filename was dancerb.png so is it a Generic "Dancer" trainer sprite? Asking before I put it on the site.
  7. zeroality
    OK apparently we never had the high quality versions to begin with then. Thanks.
  8. Reliability
  9. zeroality
    Can you check the Topaz photobucket for Cranewing and Sunset Village maps? If they are bigger than 40kb filesize, I want them.
  10. Reliability
    Okay. If I end up changing anything, I'll save the old coding in case something goes wrong.
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