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  1. ImmunityBow
    Done, you may want to reintroduce yourself on Introductions/Farewells
  2. Sev
    Would you be willing to change my usernane to "Sev"? Thanks. It's kind of weird because I don't use Infinity anywhere else.
  3. Sev
    I was looking through the sprite sheet and looked at that ying yang flying dude kuranpu or something, and his black wing was really small compared to the white one. Just wanted to point that out.
  4. Sev
    how do i change my avatar
  5. Sev
    @ PikangX it's because we are 'YouTube Friends' and have been for 6 months or somethin'
  6. Sev
    i finished the overworld sprites for the default male =)
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