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  1. Sev
    Long time no see :P You might see me on a bit more
  2. Tyrannigon64
    It appears you should update your signature. I don't have an account on whatever website it links to (I forget what it's called), but that looks like a Winter Vulpix to me.
  3. Tyrannigon64
    I'm on March Break and I'm still sick.
  4. Sev
    I don't think either of us have signed out today lol XD Are you sick 'cause I'm sick? Anyway would you mind checking out the concept art I posted on your thread?
  5. Tyrannigon64
    I think I'm the only person with a YouTube account that doesn't care about how many subscribers I get.
  6. Sev
    it's a good idea cuz all our subbers will find out about eachother which is very helpful
  7. Tyrannigon64
    It's not that I'm done, it's just that I haven't really felt like it. And how would a collab between spriters work? We just have all our sprites in one video? It seems pointless to me, but if I get time, I guess I might as well.
  8. Sev
    i know you are done spriting on youtube but ive been wanting to do a special collab spriting thingy between 4 people where we each make 25 sprites would you be intrested?
  9. Tyrannigon64
  10. Sev
    grats on contributer
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