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  1. ImmunityBow
    Okay, now you have to work on the outlines, so they aren't all black. They also require shading.
  2. MK94
    haha im so happy with it
  3. MK94
    ok il have it soon
  4. ImmunityBow
    Now you need shading for the individual rocks as well.
  5. MK94
  6. MK94
    my friend joinedmaxwelld101 if you could explane his to him heed like it
  7. MK94
    cool ill have it by friday
  8. ImmunityBow
    Getting better. Try getting more of a rock feel, separated rather than a conglomerate mass.
  9. MK94
  10. MK94
    hay IB havent seen you in a while dd you see my group???
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