Conversation Between sammy p and Silver

  1. Silver
    hey dude
    wat up?

    haven't heard from ya since the past century!!!
  2. Silver

    i guess
  3. sammy p
    hahahah really?
    ahh well, dont let it get to you... im actually pretty socially accepted at my school hahah its kinda surprising
  4. Silver
    somepeople in my school think i'm gay because i like shows like X factor...
    even though I have a girlfriend... it's kinda funny when you think about it hmm.funny
  5. Silver
    JESUS CHRIST :O 16!!!!!!!!!!
    son of a b****
  6. sammy p
    wow your only 11???? hahah woooow i never woulld have guessed most eleven year olds that work the computer dont use proper grammar or anything like you do....
    im actually 16
  7. Silver
    hey sammy in real life how old are you
    in sites like these people are way older than me!!!
    i'm frigging 11!!
  8. sammy p
    hahah sounds good
  9. Silver
    i,ll check on serebii for the next few weeks and i,ll tell ya how 'bout that???????????????????? ;]
  10. sammy p
    i know..... you think they may include it in black and white? just speculation
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