1. SilentSentinel
    Here is where any programs that you will want to download will be posted by yours truly. For now, I will just have one up.

    Clicking on here and then the downloads tab (Hit Client after that) will get you the latest version of Pokemon Online. PO is the best simulator out there for battlers, and even has all the new 5th gen pokemon on it, so you can try those out too.

    After you have downloaded it and made a team, click "Go Online", and copy the number above into the area where it says Advanced Connection. This will take you to the /tr/ server, the one I like to battle on. (My username is Rage, so challenge me if you see me!). If you want to just have a random battle to train, hit the "Find Battle" button in the lower left hand area.

    If you have any questions about Pokemon Online or what to do, make sure to drop a VM my way.
  2. Silver
  3. SilentSentinel
    Did you get it to work?
  4. Silver
    but i mainly mess with the team builder ever since i was beat by some guy with a vaporeon
    i couldn't beat a water type
    i suck
  5. SilentSentinel
    Vaporeon is a pretty good pokemon though. Unless you're carrying something with a fast electric or grass move, you're done for.
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